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Even though I tell myself at the beginning of every semester, “Okay Olivia… be prepared to be stressed out, but don’t let that be your first reaction to every situation..” Well I guess it’s easier said than done! But fear not, I’m not as stressed out as I would be if I were just first […]

I’ll admit that the first time I heard the title “Lean In” I thought Sheryl Sandberg was talking about women leaning in to your Facebook photos. Initial response, “Gross”. I was later enlightened and pleased to know that she was actually discussing women in leadership. This topic made me feel a lot better :). It […]

Craving Carbs

January 27, 2015 | Leave a Comment

It’s around this time of year, especially when I’m in school, when I start to crave carbs. I try to be good during the holidays but usually I have a breaking point somewhere in January where the Greek half of me begs for the comfort of carbs. There has never been a real solution to […]

Even though I’m new to M.U. BLOGS, I’m going to jump right in. If you feel the need to learn about me, my bio will be available soon! Here’s the short version. I’m Anjelica, I’m a grad student in the English and Humanities program. I like words, food, and pop culture…not necessarily in that order. […]

Well this semester has already been a crazy one! I thought it would be a good idea to take an extra course this semester. I felt like I had a lot of extra time last semester, but now with 4 courses I definitely feel like I don’t have much free time during the week. I […]

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