Marymount B.L.O.G.S

I’ll admit to being as plugged in as everyone else; TV on, laptop connected, phone by my side. As I was listening to the radio one day, I heard a psychologist say that cell phones are like small slot machines. So I instantly stopped texting while driving and turned up the radio :). He went on to say that our phones spend all day dinging, pinging, and poking while we instantly respond to every noise. It’s like waiting for a prize from the slot machine! Our inputs spit out little outputs as prizes. This made me realized how much we can really become addicted to obsessively checking our devices. As time went on I tried to become more cognizant of using my phone and spending time online. The semester wound down and I thought, “Yes, I’ve done it.”.

But January 12 rolled around quickly and I was back to the normal routine. Checking school email, personal email, Blackboard, etc. Is it really possible to work and be a student without being connected? Well, I can at least make an attempt. Wish me luck!


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