Marymount B.L.O.G.S

In December, classes finished at 1000 N. Glebe and the Ballston Campus moved to 4040 Fairfax. A popular topic of discussion seems to be everyone’s thoughts on the new building. I had become quite familiar and comfortable with the previous Ballston facility. The new semester assuaged (most of) my fears. For the most part, I am pleasantly surprised.

The biggest thing I miss is the centralized entrance as a hub of activity. The old building had a main lobby where pretty much everyone had to come in one of its two sets of opposite doors. Prominently located, the security desk greeted faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Students waited by the back set of doors for shuttle buses. Just past the front set of doors would be students, just off the property, grabbing a smoke before classes. Because the stairs were located at the ends of the building, most people would wait for the lobby elevators. Additionally, just around the corner was the café. That led to many students meeting there.

The new building boasts a rear entrance with little Marymount fanfare. It is pretty must just a hallway that students can wait in to watch for the shuttles. The security desk hides, relegated to the fourth floor. A visitor would need to divine that they should go to the fourth floor and turn left to find information on the campus. If you did find them, they could tell you that the new café is just around the corner.

The new facility has smaller areas for students to meet, dispersed on floors two, three, four, and five. This leads to quieter spaces which I’m sure are great areas for study. There are new customized rooms with high tech teaching tools. There are modern furnishings and power outlets dispersed throughout classrooms. The new building is so close to the metro that there is little need to wait for the shuttle to take you. Also, there is now more close parking available which gets easier as the day goes on.

Over all, the new building is far superior. Aside from a few maintenance issues, there is little wrong. What’s missing is, one of Marymount’s great strengths, the same community feel from before. Time will tell how the collective of Marymount adapts to this new opportunity.

-Chris M.

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