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Hello All!

I thought I would share my first experience of being recorded for a class. The assignment was the do a first counseling session with a fellow classmate. I panicked the first day the professor told us about this assignment, and to make things worse she said we would be recorded three times throughout the semester. On Wednesday my partner and I went to the counseling labs to record each of us playing the role of a counselor. I have never done something formal like this, so I was worried I was not going to know what to do.

This experience turned out to be a lot better than I had anticipated. I felt very relaxed during the recording. I thought my voice was going to be shaky, and I was not going to know what to say. To my surprise the 15 minutes flew by, and I felt confident. Last night I finally brought myself to watch the recording. Although I only made it through half of the recording, I think I did a very good job for my first recording. I feel a little more confident and comfortable for the other two recordings I have to do this semester.

Have a great weekend everyone!
xoxo Jessica

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