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Even though I tell myself at the beginning of every semester, “Okay Olivia… be prepared to be stressed out, but don’t let that be your first reaction to every situation..” Well I guess it’s easier said than done! But fear not, I’m not as stressed out as I would be if I were just first starting the FLP program. (FLP stands for Forensic and Legal Psychology by the way).

Although my classes aren’t too difficult this semester, there is still that looming voice in my head that’s telling me and asking me if I’m doing enough? Did I read enough for class? Should I be participating more? (now I’m making myself sound super crazy). Besides class is my internship. Which is not super stressful, thankfully, it just keeps me super busy since for the FLP program we have to complete 270 on site internship hours and 30 in class hours for the semester. Next to that internship, I have two or three little side jobs I have that I do to make some extra money and some extra experience. Marymount has some great opportunities to get jobs.. whether you want to commit for a couple hours a week or to a whole semester. I highly recommend doing that! But, that’s what’s keeping me also busy and bringing in some extra crash. And on top of all that, the idea of still searching for job. That’s what’s still been on my mind.

Thankfully, I’ve had some great friends that are helping me stay on the lookout for different job postings. Still, sometimes, it’s super daunting and intimidating. At least a couple of my friends have finally found jobs that are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. On one hand, yes, I’m jealous. But on the other hand, of course I’m super happy for them because they deserved it. I just hope my time comes too.

Anyways, let me get off that soapbox for a moment. Two things I would like to share with you:

1- In class on Monday (when there was supposed to be a huge blizzard here in DC too? yeah, not that much snow as expected, we still had class! lol) we had a Fairfax County Officer come and speak in class. This class is called Police Psychology and he walked us through the psychology behind a traffic stop. Now of course at first (I really did kind of sigh, and I was like okay great, this’ll be a bit boring or dry) but actually we learned a lot more behind why officers do what they do, how they do it, and what their main goal is. I know there has been a lot of controversial debate about events that are happening in the news with shootings and officers and racial profiling and you name it, but these officers OPT and CHOOSE to risk their lives every single day to make our communities safer. Again, there are many different schools of thought on this, but after that class I really learned more about what goes on in the back of an officer’s mind during any situation they encounter. In conclusion with this, thank an officer for what they do. They are human beings just like us.. they have families.. they respond to crimes, no matter how big or small, how violent or silly, they do protect us, they do care about us, and they do what they do for several reasons. It just made me appreciate a bit more, what officers do.

2- SOOOOO I started watching another show on HBO (thanks to a super close friend). If you’re interested in history and history specifically about the Gulf War, and the Middle East and how a dictator rose to power.. House of Saddam is SUPER interesting! Now I will warn you, it is graphic (that’s one thing) and it is a “docu-drama”. This totally confused the heck out of me at first because I was like wait… did this happen in real life or is this part hollywood-ized for entertainment? Now I need to do my research behind this movie, but I really enjoyed watching it that I literally watched 4 episodes. They were each an HOUR long.

All right, well those are the two things I wanted to share to you today. Now back to reality, back to doing homework, and chores, and staying warm. OH YEAH.. it’s still super cold.

Stay warm, study hard, eat a lot of food, hibernate when you can, and keep reading the MU B.L.O.G.S.! Catch you on the flipside!

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