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Even though I’m new to M.U. BLOGS, I’m going to jump right in. If you feel the need to learn about me, my bio will be available soon! Here’s the short version. I’m Anjelica, I’m a grad student in the English and Humanities program. I like words, food, and pop culture…not necessarily in that order. So let’s start with current pop culture, shall we?

When I began to see the previews for The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, I was very excited. If you haven’t seen it, the show is like a reality show on celebrity steroids, and then you don’t feel guilty watching it because they are playing for charity. Although, when seeing the previews, I was having a hard time recognizing people in the commercials and print ads. There were an obvious few, but I felt slightly betrayed by Donald Trump because in my mind, some of these people don’t really hold the “celebrity” title.

In a conversation with my dad, he was not surprised to see these faces, because they were B list celebrities who were willing to go on television to duke it out selling pies on a street corner or doing a marketing campaign for Ivanka Trump’s shoe line. We began ranking the celebrities by fame, assumed fortune, and how recognizable they are. After a while (and a lot of moving people around in the middle spots) I came up with this list of the most “celebrity” contestants on Celebrity Apprentice, to the most normal people (or at least those who claim to be or are dying to be real celebrities.) I have added explanations to a few to explain my judgement.

Kevin Jonas (this Jo Bro has more followers on twitter than most of the other contestants combined)
Terrell Owens
Gilbert Gortfried
Vivica Fox
Johnny Damon (I never saw him play baseball, but he is recognizable)
Lorenzo Lamas
Ian Ziering (Sharknado will actually be making a third installment, he has potential)
Shawn Johnson
Geraldo Rivera (This might be bad, but when I saw him I was like…who is this guy?)
Leeza Gibbons
Jamie Anderson
Kenya Moore (The only reason she is above Brandi is because she was Miss USA)
Brandi Glanville
Kate Gosselin
Sig Hansen
Kesha Knight Pulliam (Only of Cosby kid fame)

How would you rank these celebrities? Tune in to Celebrity Apprentice Monday nights to see for yourself 🙂

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