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It Begins Again

January 21, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Classes are up and running for another semester and for me I completely forgot that Ballston Campus had moved buildings. Finding the building was easy once I plugged the address into the GPS but the parking was another story. I forgot how conveniant Ballston parking was and now there’s a walk, in the cold, through Arlington, at night. More or less I learned my lesson to (1) leave earlier,(2) use my student id to be able to park in the garage for free and (3) wear warm clothes because I have a block walk to the new building from the garage.
None the less classes have begun and just as last semester I am enjoying them! This semester I decided to switch it up and take an online course. These in the past have not gone so well for me however I feel confident in myself and Marymount that I can do this! Have many of you readers have taken online courses? It saves a drive to campus and the professors are still available to you the majority of the time. I adivse those commuters to try online courses if you have not already.


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