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December 31, 2014 | Leave a Comment

It’s that time of year again. Time to wonder where did the time go, what you did/didn’t do, and what you need/want to do. I’m always amazed at how fast time passes. The holidays come at the same time with no surprises except for the bullet train I rode to get there. With all of that said, how will next year be different? I typically don’t make a new years resolution. I’m not sure if its commitment or a fear of failure that keeps me from it. Or maybe it’s that resolutions have become trivial. However, I do believe in growth and the positive effects it has on your well being.

As I write, I’m struck with an idea to create quarterly goals that build upon one another throughout the year. In this way, the time commitment is shorter and the results can be seen sooner. I can definitely see doing this for myself but I’d have to have an accountability partner. This will increase the likelihood of success (at least in my opinion). I’ll have to ponder on this one a bit more.

I hope you are successful at whatever you decide. Another semester looms in the darkness and makes it easy for us to toss all of this to the side. But this Forbes article might help us all be successful.

Until the New Year!!


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