Marymount B.L.O.G.S

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday season and a relaxing break from classes. This is my first winter break in grad school, and it has been very different from my winter breaks in undergrad. My undergrad winter breaks were around 2 months long, and this year in grad school it was only a month. I usually looked forward to coming home for break because I felt like I needed to get away. Now at grad school I did not want to leave! I have made a great group of friends and I was getting my new life together. I stayed in Virginia my first week of break, and now I’m home for the remaining 3 weeks.

Not having to worry about school work has been great! In about 2 weeks I’ll be back to the chaos of school work, and it will be a little more chaotic because of the move to the temporary building. I know I will have to head to class early on my first day back so I have time to figure out parking and where the building it.

PI can’t believe this year flew by and it has been a big year between graduating and starting grad school. I hope everyone takes time to think back on their year and reflect on how fortunate we all are. Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy and be safe!

Until next year! Xoxo Jessica

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