Marymount B.L.O.G.S

In the midst of agonizing over my final grade in a very tough class. I attended a local church play. I was skeptical at first that it would be like the other plays I’d seen. It’s not to say the plays I’ve attended were bad they were predictable. Simple props and good lines! However, I was pleasantly surprised. The play ‘The Living Tree’ (I may have left out a word in the title) was the best church play I’ve seen. It was a production at First Baptist Church in Alexandria VA. Members of the church were the cast and crew. There was even a band and orchestra. All were members of the church.

And at center stage was a huge Christmas tree. The tree had twelve tiers and reached practically to the ceiling. It was decorated with lights, bows, and bells. It was gorgeous 🙂 What’s most amazing is the choir sang from the tiers. I thought it was so cute. If you are in the area next Christmas season you should definitely visit. But get there early because it fills up quick.

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