Marymount B.L.O.G.S

All I can say is YAY! Finals are over and now it’s time to relax! I can’t believe this semester flew by! I am very happy finals are over. I feel like I was not myself for two weeks, because all I did was study, eat, and sleep. Wednesday of last week was my last final, and right before it I thought I would treat myself for getting through 2 weeks of studying. I reviewed one last time in the morning, and then I bought some sushi, Starbucks, and went to the gym. All three were perfect ways to get myself ready for my last final. I tried very hard throughout the semester, and I wanted to make sure I would not mess it up at the end. I am very proud of myself for working hard all the way until the end. Today I started to get my grades back, and I can proudly say this has been one of the best semester I’ve ever had! Congratulations to everyone for getting through the seamster. Make sure to enjoy the holiday season, and rest up before another busy semester begins!

Happy Holidays!
xo Jessica

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