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For the women who read the blog, sorry men, the time has come for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Not to say I will be purchasing what they are wearing, however the show is well produced and put together. With performances and themes that the Angels walk the catwalk to while wearing those well known wings is enteraining to watch. It’s amazing to see their talent because walking with those heavy costumes while wearing those heels that are ridiculously high is not easy. Women I know we can all attest to how walking in heels can sometimes be a challenge! The most important part of the show is the infamous 2 million dollar bra that is usually covered in diamonds and no one puschases. It is exciting to see because it never looks as expensive as it is yet everyone knows no one will buy one of those bras.
This year the show is taking place in London and I know personally I would love to see the Spice Girls make an appearance (for those viewers who were born in the early 90’s). The show will be on CBS at 10pm eastern time on December 9!
Here’s a link to view the Angels this year and how they get ready for the show.

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