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Another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. Countless hours were spent at the grocery store and in the kitchen to whip up the perfect meals. Everyone took time to enjoy the day with family, friends, or even alone. The world can be so crazy and time moves so fast it’s important to stop and give thanks for the small things that enrich our lives so greatly.

So why then, do we allow retailers to tear us away from our families for the promise of slashed prices. Oh what joy we get from standing in line among strangers to retrieve our prize at the end. It’s the biggest carrot dangle ever! Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for saving a few extra dollars but I’ve realized that I don’t have to give up my family time to do so. Each year more and more stores open on Thanksgiving day, earlier and earlier. What about the employees who want to spend time with their families? Is it really fair to make that sacrifice for the increased profit? To some the answer is yes and countless thousands made their way to the stores to get the deals of the season. But I applaud those retailers who stayed closed on the holidays. That’s really saying Thank you!


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