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Time Shock

November 25, 2014 | Leave a Comment

I have been a graduate student at Marymount for three and a half years; long enough that little here should surprise me. Here we are, entering the final stretch, at the end of the semester and I am shocked. I am shocked that my classes are almost over. It seems to sneak up on me every time. It feels like I just got into the swing of my classes, made some new friends, learned a few new things, and just like that it will all be over.

Perhaps, it is that as I get older a sixteen week semester represents less of my life. Perhaps, it is that it takes most of the semester for me to gain a mastery of each new course and that is when I feel comfortable. Perhaps instead, I picked my program and courses well to the point that I do not want to let go of them. Soon it will all be just a memory and I will be on to next semester’s challenges.

Either way, I have procrastinated long enough on writing my final papers.

-Chris M.

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