Marymount B.L.O.G.S

Hey ya’ll happy almost thanksgiving, I don’t know about you but I am swamped with papers due tonight. And I have projects and presentations due right when we get back from Thanksgiving vacation. Needless to say I’ll be super stressed over the holiday :(.
But, from countless hours of me staring at my computer and researching research I have found, Taylor Swift is my best friend. All I want to do is just sit on my computer for ten hours and blast Taylor while I type and sing my blues away. I skipped 2 friendsgivings and I even said no to a mall trip with my sister, who’s back from college. I don’t know if it works but I sure don’t feel alone. I still have loads of work to do such as mindlessly put together powerpoint presentations, write pages on pages of reflections,and start thinking about final exams. She is a beast. She rocked the AMAs and her new album 1989 has taken over my life. She sings her way through everything. Hopefully I can harness her beautiful crazy and take that energy and be productive.

Gobble Gobble,


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