Marymount B.L.O.G.S

I have to admit writing has always been a chore for me. If I’m genuinely interested in subject and well versed in the topic, the words will flow like a river. Otherwise, I’m sitting at the computer staring and hoping that inspiration hits me at one point or another. I’ve come very close to missing deadlines and had some very late nights which actually resulted in very good work I might add. However, while working on my latest assignment I seemed to forget the one thing that’s helped me with this very thing. A simple pen and paper! Writing my thoughts in its raw form; having a personal brainstorming session on the sheet complete with arrows and stars to dictate the flow. This has worked for me so well in the past. I’m not sure why I deviated from this method. I could definitely have saved a lot of time and likely completed the assignment a lot sooner.

However, I also tapped into a new method, that combined with my old method, will likely work for me during this program. It didn’t cost me anything. Just a simple download from the Playstore, a voice recorder. I spent several minutes talking out the points I wanted to make, asking questions that my reader would want to know and I came up with much more “meat” than I had just 2 minutes before. Its funny how these discoveries come about.

In the future, I’ll likely take advantage of the writing lab as well. It definitely couldn’t hurt 🙂


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