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November 19, 2014 | Leave a Comment

You know what grinds my gears? Traffic. I hate traffic so much. It is so annoying. I hate when  I leave extra early to get to school or to work and there’s traffic that just comes from nowhere. For example, I was driving to get on campus and I left about 4 hours early just so I can get on campus to get some work done and BAM! there was traffic. Where I always catch traffic at is on Route 7. Every time I hit Tyson’s Corner I always get stuck. You would think since Route 7 is such a busy street the lights would stay green longer but nope. Then there is so many lights in Tyson’s Corner that you always get caught. Whenever one turn green, another turns yellow then red. It happens to me every single time I travel to campus. I was thinking of buying an EZ Pass just so I could get on the toll roads so I could zoom on by. I also catch traffic on 66. I swear construction teams tends to do construction during the worst possible times ever and they just back everything up and screw up the flow of traffic.

I have taken the silver line so I could get out of traffic, but sometimes  the trains or buses do not get to the destination on time and plus since it overlaps with the orange line, the train has to stop at times in order for the orange line to get to the destination first.

How do you feel about traffic?



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