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Another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone. Countless hours were spent at the grocery store and in the kitchen to whip up the perfect meals. Everyone took time to enjoy the day with family, friends, or even alone. The world can be so crazy and time moves so fast it’s important to stop and give […]

Back in October I wrote a post titled “Group Projects” and now I am doing a follow up on that post. The first post was mostly me talking about how difficult a group project was, but now this one is about how great presentations are when they are in groups (I know contradicting, but after […]

Time Shock

November 25, 2014 | Leave a Comment

I have been a graduate student at Marymount for three and a half years; long enough that little here should surprise me. Here we are, entering the final stretch, at the end of the semester and I am shocked. I am shocked that my classes are almost over. It seems to sneak up on me […]

Hey ya’ll happy almost thanksgiving, I don’t know about you but I am swamped with papers due tonight. And I have projects and presentations due right when we get back from Thanksgiving vacation. Needless to say I’ll be super stressed over the holiday :(. But, from countless hours of me staring at my computer and […]

I have to admit writing has always been a chore for me. If I’m genuinely interested in subject and well versed in the topic, the words will flow like a river. Otherwise, I’m sitting at the computer staring and hoping that inspiration hits me at one point or another. I’ve come very close to missing […]

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