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The sun is out! The temperature is higher than expected. Oh my God, it’s over 70 degrees.  I went out this morning and the sun beamed on my face it was great. Until I realized I have an Analytics mid-term on Monday.  The task of converting numbers to words, memorizing the standard deviation chart, sounds […]

For those of you who don’t know yet, Springfield Mall has be reoppened and revamped into Springfield Town Center! On opening day this last week, individuals came from all over to see the new “mall” in all it’s glory. Although I did not go see it when it first opened I have been inside and […]

I have been living in Arlington for almost 2 months, and I finally stayed in the area for a weekend. Friday was a laid back night at Applebee’s in Falls Church. My friends and I didn’t want to do anything too crazy because we had to get up early the next morning. My friends insisted to […]

It’s that time  of the semester again! Registration period is coming up and it’s time to scramble and find the perfect classes for you to take the next semester. Making sure you have time for leisure activities and not overbooking yourself. Making sure that you can work as well as get to school on time. […]

Superhero, cartoon character, famous athlete…Have you thoguht about a costume for Halloween? Costumes have begun to go on sale however who wants to pay $40-$50 for a costume? Not a graduate school student! Instead I recommend making your own costume by visiting thrift stores, arts and craft stores such as Michaels, and even the dollar […]

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