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October 30, 2014 | Leave a Comment

In undergrad, when a professor would announce a group project I always heard students complain. I definitely was one of those students. Coming to grad school I never thought I would be stuck doing group projects. Unfortunately 2 out of my 3 courses have required group projects. For one of my courses we have to write a 10-12 page paper and we have to give a presentation.

The paper is due next week, so this past week has been very stressful. I decided to take the leadership role; it is mostly because I am too much of a perfectionist. My group sent me all of their work, and I put it all together. This has not been a fun task, but someone needs to get it done. I have found group projects to be more difficult in grad school vs. undergrad.

In undergrad it was easier to meet with the people in my group because most of the students lived on campus. Also many students did not have a time consuming job, so meeting to work on the project usually wasn’t difficult. Most students in grad school have jobs, and a lot more going on besides courses. It has been very difficult to agree on a time for everyone to meet. Email has been our main source of communication. Although our paper is due next week, we still need to meet as a group to work on our presentation. I really hope we receive a good grade on this paper and presentation because this has been a stressful experience.

My recommendation to people doing group projects, try to pick people that will be committed and contribute to the work. Also, if possible, give the leadership role to someone that doesn’t have a time consuming job and is assertive.

If anyone has any tips or would like to vent about the frustration of group project, feel free to share!


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