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The Washington job market is different than much of the rest of the country. In this area there are an abundance of jobs that either work directly for the federal government or work as contractors that support government operations. If you are in a career field that relates to the government, you should be aware of security clearances. A security clearance is a determination by the government that a citizen is suitable and authorized to access classified information.

Many jobs require an applicant to have a clearance. Unfortunately, these often need to be preexisting clearances where the company will not act as a sponsor for that new employee to obtain a clearance. Instead, those companies choose to only recruit from the pool of already cleared professionals. By being in this metro area, students have an advantage. Most organizations recognize that entry level positions and internships have to be staffed with people that are not yet cleared. This is because people with clearances must have had the job that cleared them and they are no longer entry level.

The government and many contracting companies have entry level positions and internships available to graduate students. These students can obtain a clearance through these positions and either complete their internships or work in these entry level jobs for a short while and then leave. They will be able to retain their cleared status for five or more years before needing to go through the process again. This gives them the option of looking for cleared work a few years later in the their career.

-Chris M.

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