Marymount B.L.O.G.S

I have been living in Arlington for almost 2 months, and I finally stayed in the area for a weekend. Friday was a laid back night at Applebee’s in Falls Church. My friends and I didn’t want to do anything too crazy because we had to get up early the next morning. My friends insisted to drive in to DC, and that was not the best idea. We were a little lucky because we picked up our one friend that lives in DC. I found out a DC resident can go to the police station and get a visitor parking pass that is valid for 14 days. This really helped with finding somewhere reliable to park, the only downfall was it was a long process.

I have been to DC many times, but it was beautiful day to walk around. After some walking it was time for some food to refuel for the night. My friends and I ate at Farmers Fishers Bakers in the Georgetown Waterfront. I highly recommend the onion rings, and chicken salad club sandwich. The prices aren’t bad and the food is delicious.

That night we took the metro from Foggy Bottom over to the King Street station in Alexandria. At the station we took the trolley, and besides being a cute/historical form of transportation, it was free! The trolley dropped us off at the marina, and we boarded the Miss Christine.

DC Social Sports was hosting a halloween party, and it took us around the Potomac River. It was 3 fun hours with a DJ and an open bar. A word of advice, if you plan to do this next year wear very warm clothes. It was very cold that night, and the upstairs is open and downstairs had open windows. The boat party was great, and I suggest looking at the DC Social Sport’s website next year for the Costumer party on the boat.

I had a great weekend and I am happy that I have learned what transportation to use besides my car. The metro system, Uber, and Lyft are affordable and easy to do. Do some research online about what to do around the area, there is a lot you can find there. After this past weekend I look forward to exploring Arlington and DC a lot more!

Go out, explore, and have fun!
– Jessica

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