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Superhero, cartoon character, famous athlete…Have you thoguht about a costume for Halloween? Costumes have begun to go on sale however who wants to pay $40-$50 for a costume? Not a graduate school student! Instead I recommend making your own costume by visiting thrift stores, arts and craft stores such as Michaels, and even the dollar store can have something your costume may need. Face painting has become a larger fenomena over the years which has also been know to be on the cheaper side.

Still not convinced about making your own costume? Here are a couple of links that can prove anyone can make their own costume as long as you get creative and have fun with it! Halloween is a about 2 weeks away so it’s about time to start thinking of someone or something else you want to be other then yourself for one day out of the entire year!

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  1.    Ronada Frazier on October 25, 2014 7:28 pm      Reply

    Making it yourself brings fun to the task. It’s a better way I think. Glad to see there are similar minds out there.

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