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I’ve always wanted to write and I’m grateful to have the platform here at Marymount.  Now on to today’s topic.  I read an article this week in Black Enterprise titled, “The Best Career Advice You Rarely Hear…”  In the article it states your mindset determines your success.  The article goes on to give several pieces of advice and I agree with all of them.

Many of us have a picture of the career we want.  It’s painted with beautiful colors and a timeline of things that happen in proper order.  But rarely does it happen this way.  Life takes us on a series of twists and turns and our careers along with it.  Remembering a few key pieces of advice can help us all out.  After years in the work force getting out of a rut can be very difficult.  But remembering just one or two of the items listed can be a small step that leads to a larger path.  Our degrees will assist us in the quest for higher heights but it is not the most important thing.  The most important thing, as I see it, is MOTIVATION.

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