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September 29, 2014 | Leave a Comment



With exams coming up I thought it was time to find somewhere to study besides my bedroom. I was driving around and noticed there was a Starbucks near to where I live. The next day I grabbed my textbook and notebook and headed over to Starbucks to try it out. I ordered a Venti Peach Green Tea Lemonade and sat at a table outside. Good thing the table was big because I took out all my books and spread them out on the table. I also took my headphones out and put on the country hits station on Pandora.

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and I was stuck studying all day. Luckily I still got to enjoy the weather by sitting outside while studying. After each chapter I studied I took a little break and would people watch. A lot of people are constantly walking in and out of Starbucks. Sitting outside was the perfect location to do my people watching during my study breaks.

5 hours at Starbucks flew by and I didn’t even realize I was there for so long. Although I didn’t fully finish my study guide, I made a lot of progress. More progress than I would have ever made in my bedroom. I also liked going to Starbucks because I got to enjoy one of my favorite drinks and the weather while studying.

Today, Sunday, was another beautiful day, and I had a lot of studying to still do. I went back to Starbucks to see if I could study without distractions. Starbucks had a lot more people today than it did on Friday. I was not able to find a table outside. There was a lot of people reading, doing homework, and on laptops. I guess a lot of people had the same idea as me. Luckily I found a table inside that was big enough to spread out all of my books.

Once again, 5 hours flew by and I did not realize it. It was my hunger that stopped me from studying. I have a lot ore studying to do this upcoming week, and I will be going to Starbuck to do my studying. I highly recommend going to Starbucks if you want to study and enjoy a nice drink. I highly recommend listening to your favorite music and getting either the Peach Green Tea Lemonade or a Valencia Orange.

Best of luck to anyone studying for upcoming exams!


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