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September 26, 2014 | Leave a Comment

As you all know midterms are coming up YAY!!!!!! 1406072604 That’s how I really feel hahahahaha. Since this is my first year, this will be my first grad school midterm and I am absolutely terrified. I just don’t want to fail. I know I won’t, but I’m always like this when a test comes up lol. What I learned from undergrad on how to study is to read before class, take notes and ask questions. After class read again to make sure I understand and study key  terms. I usually take about 2 hours a day to study. I catch up more studying on weekends more so than the weekday.

Since I’m still new to the area I haven’t had time to roam around and find a place to study. I mostly just study in my aunt’s basement room, or I study in the ballston library. I have classes in the evenings so I tend to leave for the library 5 hours in advance so I can study. I want to try and find a new place where I can study. If anyone knows a place that’s helpful please let me know. I like places where there isn’t a lot going on in the background. I tried Starbucks like most people and it doesn’t work for me.

I will just continue studying and do my best!

I wish you guys luck with your midterms!



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