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I am a book nerd. (Is there such a thing or are you simply a nerd?)


I love the smell of old books.

I love to look at the books on my shelf – neatly organized by color.

I love to hang out in bookstores and libraries.

I used to volunteer at a free clinic where I read to children.

I now volunteer at a bookstore.

I am applying for a volunteer position at a library.

I used to blog about books and I LOVED that…Hm, maybe I should pick it up again..


Yep. I love books.










The sign above made me think about my must-reads.

1) Books that have drawn a pictire so vivid that I felt like that it actually happened and that I was there.

2) Books that have inspired me.

3) Books that have taught me a new way of seeing life.


Here are my top 5 readings. I know it seems like a random list but it is not.

1. Wuthering Heights

2. When Nietsche Wept

3. Winnie-the-Pooh

4. Pippi Longstocking

5. Tens of books by Bulgarian authors who have not be translated….and they shouldn’t be because they will lose a lot of their meaning…..


What are yours?






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