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Recently, my academic program hosted a meeting titled: Cybersecurity Summit. Invited to this meeting were current, former, and prospective students that are in or have an interest in Cybersecurity along with faculty from the cybersecurity program. This meeting was to discuss new options within the school including new specializations for the Master of Science degree and the idea of a Cybersecurity doctoral degree. The meeting was informative as well as interactive, that is, the meeting solicited the thoughts and opinions of the gathered stakeholders. I think the collaborative nature of the meeting shows some of the strength of the university. The program clearly values student input enough to set up a special meeting.

The meeting discussed other offerings in the region and how Marymount will be positioned with unique options in the cybersecurity field. These include master’s level intelligence, data science, and healthcare cybersecurity concentrations. The doctoral program the university is exploring is a Doctorate of Science (DSc). This would be a more application focused and less research focused program. There are a few other doctoral programs offered in the Capital region in technology. This was one of the parts where was a lot of back and forth discussion. Present in the group were alumni from of some of those other programs, most of them having been dissatisfied by what has been available. They were able to present an inside prospective on the strengths and weaknesses of those programs and how to prevent some of the pitfalls in a program at Marymount. I am glad that that the overall program is doing well to the point that is working on expansion and that the expatiation involves students in the process.

-Chris M.

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