Marymount B.L.O.G.S

Steaks and burgers are not unique to Arlington. What we do have in Arlington is what I believe to be the region’s best steaks and burgers. Those are the product of a local restaurateur, Michael “Ray” Landrum. He currently has three different restaurants in Arlington where you can get his signature steaks, fantastic burgers, or both. His initial opening, Ray’s the Steaks, was so popular it had to move to a larger space. They serve prime, dry aged, and other premium steaks, including the fantastic and hard to find hanger steak. Unlike other premium steakhouses, Ray’s includes unlimited creamed spinach and mashed potatoes with your order (if you go in a small group ask for the garlic mashed potatoes as they bring out regular by default).

The other side of this is Ray’s burgers. They are available at Ray’s to the Third and were formerly available at Ray’s Hellburger. While there are other options, the standard burger is a ten ounce offering, that includes a blend of ground prime cuts from steak trimmings and is available with toppings that range from fourteen kinds of cheese to foie gras and roasted bone marrow. The burgers are so good that the president once came by to grab burgers and share some fries with his pal Dmitry Medvedev (before kicking Medvedev’s spies out of the country). I have never had anything but great food and great service at all of the Ray’s locations.

-Chris M.

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