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Half Smokes

June 26, 2014 | Leave a Comment

I am pretty sure half smoke sausages are exclusive to this region. Half smokes (as they are known) are similar to a hot dog but bigger and better. They are made from course ground beef, pork, or a blend half and half. The meat is blended with spices and they may or may not actually be smoked. This results in a meaty, flavorful, not quite spicy experience.

The most famous places to get half smokes are Ben’s Chili Bowl located in DC (with a new second location in Arlington) and Weenie Beenie in Arlington (now just the single location.) Both locations are storied but there are other places to dine on this local delicacy. You can find half smokes at numerous street vendors in downtown DC and some local restaurants have them on their menus; they are often hidden-in with sandwiches. If you are in town, even for a short visit, I recommend trying one. For best results get two, topped with chili.


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