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Hello All!

So one of my favorite parts of living in the Ballston area of Arlington has been the local Farmers Market on Thursday afternoons. Previously I had class on Thursday afternoons so would run into it on the way home, but now that school is over I have made sure to take time out of my day to stop by, even if only for a few minutes!

The Farmers Market varies week to week, but typically about 15-20 local farms participate. Everything from fruits and veggies to fresh produce is offered. There’s also a booth that has the best baked goods and butters; I recently purchased a banana streusel bread from this spot and it is the absolute best thing I have ever eaten!! In addition to being extremely fresh, the food is extremely reasonably priced, which is always a plus for a graduate student!

If you are ever in the area on a Thursday, absolutely stop by the Market, it offers such great deals and is a hidden gem of Ballston!!



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