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One of my favorite past times from growing up is attending baseball games at the world famous Fenway Park. Fenway is one of my favorite spots in my hometown of Boston, and when I moved to DC for grad school, I had to add visiting Nats Stadium to my to do list for comparison.

I had the chance to catch a few games last year, and Thursday night was my first game this year. Early April is one of the best times to catch a game weather wise- perfect temperature until about the 7th inning stretch, which is just the right time to add a team sweatshirt to your outfit.

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My suggestion is to buy tickets off of Stubhub- we waited until the last minute to buy our tickets, and only paid $7 for these amazing seats!

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We had a great view of Jason Werth, which made the game that much more enjoyable! Our third row seats also allowed us to be super close for the President’s Race! (If you’re unfamiliar with Nats tradition, one of the best parts of the night is when giant bobble heads of past president’s race around the warning track. On Thursday William Taft won by a longshot!)

Snacks are another great part of any baseball game. Some of my favorites are of course the traditional ball park frank and cotton candy- both of which I enjoyed Thursday! The Nats also offer a ton of other options, including local favorites like Ben’s Chili Bowl and Shake Shack. There was also a grille offering delicious smelling barbeque chicken right behind our seats that I will absolutely be trying next time.

All in all, while the Nats cannot compare to my Red Sox, the games are a great experience, and I recommend that you check one out as soon as possible!


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