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I have just recently discovered a replacement for my beloved Duck Tape, and it’s many uses.  A couple of weekends ago, I and another friend threw our dearest friend a baby shower.  We were hanging up decorations in her house but were in the midst of a dilemma: how to hang without using thumb tacks would leave those annoying microscopic holes or harsh tape that would remove paint from walls?  Our dearest friend pulled out Washi Tape and told us to “have at it!”  I had heard about it, but never seen it in action to realize how truly wonderful it was.  

Ever have that happen to you?  Where you see something being used once and then all of a sudden you see it being used. all. the. time.?!

Here are a few reason why you should invest in some Washi Tape!

-Curb appeal–it’s aesthetically pleasing!  Washi Tape comes in countless colors and patterns!

-Stickiness–It sticks to anything and everything, but also removes easily (including paper!)

In addition to hanging decorations on furniture and walls, I’ve seen it used in a planner, such as this one:


But this past weekend, I used Washi Tape to spice up our laundry room door!  Check it out!


For the love of Washi Tape,


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