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February 18, 2014 | Leave a Comment

I recently had a friend come into town to visit me. and since the last time he visited D.C. was approximately 15 years ago, we of course had to do the requisite sightseing tour around town. Although there are a ton of great museums and monuments scattered around town, these are a view of my favorite!

Natural History Museum: Although all of the Smithsonian’s have something to offer, Natural History is in my opinion by far the best! It has something for all ages, including the awesome dinosaur skeletons seen below, and doesn’t bombard you with a ton of boring reading. Instead, the museum gives you just enough information on topics such as rocks and minerals (be sure to check out the Hope Diamond!) and genetics. In fact, when my sister was in town last year, we were asked to participate in a research project at the museum and are now featured in their DNA exhibit!

The Library of Congress: This was actually my first visit to the LOC, but I had a great time! The building itself is beautiful, and reading about the architecture and different features in the grand lobby of the library was really interesting. My friend Kevin and I also got ourselves library cards, which are free to anyone with a photo id, and although I don’t know if I will ever actually use the card, it was really fun to wander through the corridors of the Library and pretend we were in National Treasure!


Martin Luther King Jr Monument: The MLK monument is newer to DC, but one of my favorite spots along the National Mall to visit. The monument itself is breathtaking, and the area also offers great views of the Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin. If you plan your visit right, the MLK monument is also a great place to see cherry blossoms in the Spring!



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