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February 11, 2014 | Leave a Comment

I consider myself an organized individual.  

According to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, I am an ENFJ with the J being “Judgment”.  In other words, I thrive when planners, calendars, as well as to-do and shopping lists are involved.  In fact, no matter how badly I need something from the grocery store, like milk, if it’s not on the grocery list, it won’t get purchased.  Not because I’m that anal retentive, but because if it’s not on the list, it’s out of mind.  You see, lists help lower my stress level.  If I put something on a calendar or list, I no longer feel responsible for having to remember it.  I simply have to glance at the day, week, month, list, etc. to remember what I need to and stay on top of things.

After the New Year, I read a bunch of articles on organizing the home.  Well, our entire apartment is pretty much organized.  However, there was one thing that had not been organized, because I didn’t realize you could!  Our fridge.  I had no idea just how much time an organized fridge could save you.  Jeff and I have been pretty good about making lunches and preparing the coffee maker the night before to save us time in the morning and to ensure we’re eating healthy, not just grabbing what our blurry vision stumbles across in the morning.  But our newly organized fridge has taken our weekly lunches and meals to a whole new level.

Is there a certain way you should organize your fridge?  Actually, yes.  Apparently, your fridge should be organized by its contents.  In fact, doing this might actually make your food last a little longer and save you some bucks along the way.  Here’s what I learned:

Milk – Should actually be on the bottom shelf in the back where its’ coldest.  I’ve typically always stuck it on top shelf, or in the door. Other dairy products should wind up here, too, for the same reason.

Vegetables – Belong in the vegetable drawer.  Who would have thunk?  Don’t have such a drawer?  Look for one labeled “High Humidity”.  Keep those guys in the original packaging until they are ready to be eaten.

Fruit – Belongs in the crisper and should be left in the original packaging, as well.  Also, don’t wash until ready to be consumed as water can cause mold and bacteria to grow.

Condiments and Juice – Can be stored in the door because of their natural and artificial preservatives.  Butter and soft cheeses can go here too because they don’t need to be super cold.

I boldly took pictures of our newly organized fridge and freezer for you!  What are those green-lidded containers, you ask?  Well, I was introduced to “salad-in-a-jar” through my fridge organization research!  An excellent way to save time during the week!  Say goodbye to making sandwiches the night before, and hello to healthy salads every day of the week that you can easily prepare all at once!  Visit this site for how-to:

For the love of quick and healthy food,


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