Marymount B.L.O.G.S

So as a way to celebrate my 25th birthday which is coming up this weekend (February 2!), I decided to make a list of 25 wishes, goals, and things I hope to accomplish during my 25th year. In no particular order…

  1. Get a job: I am graduating in May with my Masters from MU in Forensic Psychology, and hope by my 26th birthday, I will have found a job I love. That being said, until graduation I hope to…
  2. Stop worrying about getting a job: While it is important to start thinking about jobs, I still have 4 months until graduation. I need to make sure the school and homework are my main focus for the remainder of the semester, and that I don’t get too hung up on the job search.
  3. Move into my own apartment: After graduation, I’m not sure what I will be doing or where I will be living. If I do end up moving home and back into my parent’s house at the end of the school year, I hope that it is just temporary, and that I can move into my own apartment shortly thereafter.
  4. Go to the Justin Timberlake concert: Justin is my dream man. I have loved him since his *NSYNC days, and I saw him once before in concert (on my 18th birthday to be more specific!), and he happens to be visiting DC in a few weeks. I am continuously checking Stubhub for tickets, but if you happen to have an extra and need friend, I’m in.
  5. Manage my finances better: If you have read my previous posts, you know I juggle classes with two jobs, and recently also accepted a babysitting job for the semester. With the (hopefully) good amount of money I will be taking in on a weekly basis, I really, really, REALLY need to work on putting some of it into the bank.
  6. Visit a winery: Northern Virginia has a huge selection of wineries to choose from, and I am hoping to visit one once the weather gets a little nicer.
  7. Learn to say no: I have the tendency to take on too many things, so during this year, I have decided that I need to learn how to say no. Whether it’s to a friend or my boss, I need to focus on putting myself first.
  8. Visit the Library of Congress: I am an avid reader, and hope visit the Library at some point. I have friends coming into town soon, and am hoping I can add it to our itinerary.
  9. Continue reading for pleasure: As I just mentioned, I am an avid reader, and always have my nose buried in a book. This semester is a busy one, but I hope to keep up with reading for pleasure. I’m in the middle of the “Divergent” series currently, and once I’m done I will gladly take suggestions on what I should read next!
  10. Clean my closet: I am the queen of shopping for unnecessary things, and then keeping said things in my closet for years and years. Since I am moving out in May, and hopefully into a new apartment (see #3), I figure now is a good time to start cleaning out my closet and get rid of useless things.
  11. Fight for a cause: Whether it be animals, small children, or the environment, I have decided that my 25th year is going to be the time when I finally start to support a cause. I have been extremely blessed thus far in my life, and would like to start paying it forward.
  12. Workout: Last year, when I first moved to Arlington, I did really well with working out and making time to get to the gym. However, slowly but surely, I have found it harder and harder to make time to exercise. This year that is going to change. Whether it is walking instead of taking the metro, or getting up extra early to head to the gym first thing, I am determined to get back in shape.
  13. Go on the “bike bar thing” in Arlington: If you have ever spent time in the Ballston/Clarendon neighborhood during the warmer months, you may have spotted this odd looking bike/trolley contraption making its way through the streets. You can rent out a particular number of seats, or the whole bike, and peddle yourself through town, stopping at bars and restaurants in the area. This seems like it would be a really fun thing to do to celebrate the end of the year with friends, and I figure it is technically a form of exercise as well!
  14. Road trip to NYC to visit friends: I started my undergrad career at a small university in Connecticut, and as a result made a lot of friends who hail from the Connecticut/ New York/ New Jersey area. Although I do not get to see them a lot now, we continue to keep in touch, and I hope to find time this year to road trip up North to see them.
  15. Travel: I’m graduating with my Master’s degree this year, and will probably never have the luxury of school breaks ever again. I want to use this next year to travel as much as possible, starting with New York, and hopefully making it somewhere exotic!
  16. Be honest with myself: This sort of goes hand in hand with number 7 in my eyes. A part of learning to say no to things is going to be me being honest with myself. I need to be sure to really ask myself if I can handle taking on another task or another shift at work, and whether or not I really need that cookie!
  17. Stop hitting the snooze button: I am a pro at hitting the snooze button and then rushing to get ready for work. This year, I vow to actually get up when my alarm first goes off.
  18. Take time to enjoy the time I have left in the DC area: As you now know by reading this post, I only have limited time left in the area. I want to explore different neighborhoods as much as possible before I have to leave.
  19. Learn to be comfortable with my body: As much as I exercise, I am never going to be a size zero. This year, I want to learn to be finally be comfortable with my big but or short legs.
  20. Run a race: Two years ago Thanksgiving, I ran the “Turkey Trot” race with my Aunt. I never thought I could run for 5 minutes, never mind 5 miles, and I want to run a race again at some point this year.
  21. Spend more time with my family: Being away at grad school has made me miss the little things about my family. No matter where I end up after graduation, I vow to spend more time with my family, even if it has to be over FaceTime!
  22. Take up a hobby: When I was younger, I spent a lot of my time going from dance lessons to sports practice to French club. I’d like to again find something I am just as passionate about this year and spend time doing whatever that may be.
  23. Listen to new music: Other than Justin Timberlake, my Itunes library pretty much consists of all country music. I would like to use this year to expand my musical interests and find some artists that I am interested in.
  24. Learn to knit: My mom took up knitting last year, and has become really good at it! She has made my sister and I a few pairs of mittens and some really cute hats, and I would love to learn how to do it. Maybe this can become my hobby…
  25. Take a chance: This one was sort of a cop-out because I couldn’t think of a 25th thing, but after I think about it, it’s kind of grown on me. Whether it’s at work, during school, or in love, I’d like to take a chance this year.

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