Marymount B.L.O.G.S

A little over two weeks ago, my Mom flew to Washington, D.C. from Albuquerque, New Mexico to run the Marine Corps Marathon with me.  Can I get an “Oorah”?!

I love running.  Until recently, running was the only form of exercise that I truly enjoyed.  As I pounded pavement, I was able to re-gain perspective and re-organize my priorities.

While running still provided an outlet for me for all of the stress that accompanies graduate school, I found I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the parking situation at Marymount.  For those of you who have classes in the “blue goose,” you know that the parking situation is horrendous.  Granted, ideal parking situations are nonexistent regardless of campus.  However, I believe Marymount students are due additional pity when it comes to parking given the nature of the area what with Northern Virginia (NOVA) traffic and all.  After my first year, I realized I was spending a lot of money on gas on top of what I had already spent buying a parking pass.  Worst of all, I was spending my time waiting in a line with fingers crossed that there would be a spot before 6:30 p.m.; time that could have been spent reading a few more pages or running a few more miles.

There had to be another way.  And then I realized there was: biking.  While we give the “blue goose” a hard time for her appearance, you’ve got to admit, her spot is golden.  She sits only a few blocks away from the Ballston Metro and right off of I-66.  Even better: directly behind her, running alongside I-66, is the Custis Trail.  While a history buff, I’ll spare you the lecture of whom the trail is named after (Martha Washington), but I will not spare you the lecture of the amazing bike trails NOVA has to offer.

In Arlington alone, there are 36 miles of multi-use trails (biking, running, walking) and 50 miles of connecting bike routes that can pretty much take you wherever you want to go!  But the perks to biking to class do not end there, my friends.  Here are a few more:

You save money on gas.

You save money by not purchasing a parking pass.

You save time by not searching for a parking space.

You protect the environment.

Your commute also becomes your 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise for the day.

Want to give biking a test ride?  Check out D.C.’s bike share before you buy!  And keep in mind that you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing a new bike.  Lots of bike shops offer used bikes or new models from last season for much less!

Convinced yet?

Virginia is for lovers. runners. bikers.



– Ashley







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