Marymount B.L.O.G.S

Well, this is it…papers have all been turned in, exams have all been taken, evaluations have been completed….I have officially completed all of my graduate degree coursework here at Marymount!! It’s strange that it doesn’t feel stranger…no balloons fell from the ceiling as I handed in my last exam, no confetti cannons (P.S.-how awesome would that be?!). It just felt like turning in another final. I have a feeling it won’t really sink in until the fall, when I’m not returning for a full courseload and spending 20 hours a week working on Ballston campus. But, all good things must come to an end, and getting your Master’s degree is one of those things.

So, what’s next for this girl?? Thankfully, I actually have that figured out! About a month ago, I was ready to pack up my car and drive back to Illinois to move back in with my parents…yea, I was having a bit of a rough week. But then, everything fell into place really quickly. In the matter of about 1-2 weeks, I signed a lease with one of my BFF’s (fellow blogger, Daisy) to move into a great new apartment, I was offered (and accepted) a job that is actually relevant to my degree, and decided that I’m getting a puppy!! May and June are going to be a bit hectic with all of these changes, but I’m ready to take them all on and start this new chapter of my life. I can’t wait to see what the next couple of years has in store!

So, since I’d like to impart a bit of wisdom (other than finishing your Master’s coursework is awesome), it’s about preparation for entering the real world…..BUDGET! My parents (ok, my mom) have always been great at budgeting and watching their money. Since they’ve always done that, they’re now able to spend more money on fun things for themselves now that my sisters and I have flown the coop, and I really want to be able to do that when I’m their age. So I’ve been talking to them and scouring the internet (especially blogs) for advice on starting a budget. I’m going to use, a great budgeting website recommended by friends…and the site also has an app so you can literally have your finances at your fingertips! Honestly, with how much I love organization, I’m surprised I haven’t kept a strict budget before…I recommend it for those of you still in school. I’m finding myself now saying, “Ok…did you really need that bag/shirt/pair of shoes that you bought??” Oh well, everything is a learning experience I suppose! But now, the budgeting begins, along with the real world.

That’s all I have for today, kids…it’s been great blogging for you. Hopefully some things have been helpful!! If you need me, I’ll be out runnin’ the real world like a boss 🙂


– Katelyn

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