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April 7, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Hey everyone!

A few months ago I wrote about the Walk to Stop Modern Slavery, and how amazing it was. Today I found myself on another walk on the National Mall, this time for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). A friend of a friend formed a team (‘Victorious Secret’…how clever is she?!), and invited my roommate and I to join…how could we pass it up?

I had never really heard of NEDA before doing the walk, and didn’t know that much about the activism world of eating disorder awareness. Today was definitely a learning experience. I got to hear from some amazing girls who have had a successful journey of recovery from their eating disorders, and from some activists, including Miss America 2008! We also heard from some of the event sponsors, namely The Center for HOPE and Reflections. The Center for HOPE is an eating disorder recovery clinic based in holistic health practices, and Reflections is an eating disorder treatment center at Dominion Hospital. Both places offer fantastic treatment for girls and guys of all ages who are suffering from eating disorders.

At the beginning of the walk today, over $46,000 had been raised, which is amazing! The money goes straight to advocacy and treatment programming, and I’m so very happy that I got to be a part of the day. There are just so many great organizations who are always having fundraisers around D.C., and I’m pretty sure no matter what cause you’re passionate about you can find an organization for it here. So get out there and find what works for you!


P.S.-Sorry I totally blanked on taking pictures today! I was all ready to take pictures of the cherry blossoms, but they weren’t all ready to bloom yet!!


– Katelyn

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