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      Whole Foods is like a vacation for a self-proclaimed foodie like me, but as a broke graduate student I can’t really afford to shop there. Although if you’re looking for a fun Thursday night happy hour after class I highly recommend going over to Whole Foods in Clarendon, and for $5 you get to do a wine and food pairing tasting of 5 courses! You also get to keep your wine glass and when you bring it back the next week, because let’s face it you’ll be back, you only have to pay $4!

     BUT this blog post is not about how awesome Whole Foods is, it’s about the farmers markets that will be popping up all over this area in a few weeks! Buying locally is the way to go! You get the freshest produce, a lot of it being organic and you get to eat in season, all while saving a few bucks! The other plus is that there will be a farm stand or market in almost every area, each day of the week! Now you’re thinking, “but Daisy, I’m new in the area, how am I going to know where the farmers markets are and when they’re happening?” No worries my friends, there is a whole directory that you could access on the interwebs! Magical, I know! It has information for all the farmers markets in the country.

*Fun Fact: Did you know that eating local honey helps relieve allergies?! IT DOES! Pick some up next time your at your local farmers market 🙂

Here you could find all the markets near Marymount. There is even one on Thursdays from 3-7pm right by the metro that you could swing by after our lovely summer classes!

Go to the following blogs to find great clean recipes: (Local blogger!)

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