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With the recent release of Netflix own programming House of Cards, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share with you all what I have recently watched on Netflix and how that affects you.  With midterms approaching, you’ll be needing a study break, so borrow you parents’ Netflix account and check these out.  I’m going to give you three titles and a recommendation filled with funny quips and no spoilers.  Except that everyone dies.  Always.  Even the virgins.
Primal Fear
Have you ever just loved the work an actor does no matter what the role?  That is how I feel about Edward Norton.  He makes me laugh in Keeping the Faith, angry in American History X, and a little bit of everything in just about every movie he does.  Imagine my joy at finding a Norton film that I had never seen, and on Netflix streaming no less!  This is Norton’s first movie, and it may be his best ever.  In fact, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1996, and the travesty isn’t that he lost to Cuba Gooding, Jr. yelling “Show me the money!”  The travesty is that he wasn’t considered the lead.  Richard Gere is actually good in this movie, too, as is Laura Linney.  However, the reason to see this movie is a historic performance by Norton in this courtroom thriller.
Warnings:  This movie has severe adult themes, including language, nudity, and violence.  It is also not very flattering for the Catholic Church.  However, the plot and its twist rise above these negatives and I would recommend this to any fans of Norton or the courtroom/murder trial drama crowd.
Craigslist Joe
Have you ever wondered who actually posts some of that crazy stuff on Craigslist?  Or have you wondered if people out there have really lost the sense of community that shaped this country?  If so, check out Craigslist Joe, a documentary about a young man from California and his decision to live off of nothing but the kindness of strangers who post on Craigslist for an entire month.  Joe must find food, clothes, transportation, and a place to sleep, but he can only ask favors on Craigslist or from people that he meets because of Craigslist.  It runs like a traditional documentary of American life, but the places Joe goes and the characters he meets are the ones who are rarely seen away from the digital community, including a karma-loving van driver, a break dancing dominatrix, a cancer patient who is also a hoarder, and even Craig himself.  
Warnings:  There isn’t anything really bad here, and is definitely watchable by a wide audience.  It drags occasionally, but the emotional moments may bring tears to your eyes.  Anyone who uses Craigslist or is a child of the online generation should watch this.
Better Off Ted
Ok, this one isn’t a movie, but an amazing TV show that was canceled because of ABC being a stupid company.  The show, which has 2 seasons, chronicles the lives of the employees of Veridian Dynamics, a soulless conglomerate who can turn seemingly anything into a weapon that kills people.  Ted, the main character, is the only sane person in the cast.  The narrative follows him as he navigates a complicated love triangle with Veronica (Portia De Rossi from Arrested Development), his robotic and efficient boss and Linda, a good hearted and perky employee who despises everything about the company.  However, the show is laugh out loud funny because of the antics of socially awkward laboratory scientists Phil and Lem.  The fact that there are only 2 seasons makes this the perfect mind relaxant after those tough midterms.
Warnings:  Sex is a topic in almost every episode, though it is implied and rarely depicted on camera.  Anyone who is a fan of dark comedies or just a fan of comedy in general (especially Family Guy and the aforementioned Arrested Development) will really enjoy this show.
That’s what I’ve been watching…now back to writing that midterm paper…


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