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With the recent release of Netflix own programming House of Cards, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share with you all what I have recently watched on Netflix and how that affects you.  With midterms approaching, you’ll be needing a study break, so borrow you parents’ Netflix account and check these out.  I’m going […]

With the semester in full swing I like to de-stress by cooking and baking. I think it is very important to find something you can do on your own that allows you to step back from the chaos of graduate school and just relax for a bit. The best part of my “self care” is […]

In my opinion, one of the BEST things about living in this area is the access we have to different music venues. In the past, the only live music I would ever see would be going to huge outdoor arenas for country concerts (what up MegaTickets?!) But, all that has changed in the last year […]