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Friendsgiving 2012

November 23, 2012 | Leave a Comment

So, for the second year in a row this year, I haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving break. That’s not to say I haven’t celebrated…I’ve just started celebrating Friendsgiving instead.

Thankfully, anytime I haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving, I’ve had good friends with me, so we just do our own thing. This year was maybe one of the best Thanksgivings/Friendsgivings I’ve ever had! My roommates Londyn and Ashley were here, and Londyn’s boyfriend was out to visit as well. We also had two of our other friends, Danielle and Becca over. Even though we couldn’t be with our families, we definitely made the most of the holiday.

Since we were doing our own thing all day, we were on our own schedule, which was amazing. No frazzled, hurried, running around like a crazy person to make it to Grandma’s by 1, the in-laws by 3, the other Grandma’s by 5, etc. We slept in, watched the parade, followed by a marathon of every Friends Thanksgiving episode (Happy Thanksgiving to ME!), then started making all our food whenever we felt like it!

And speaking of food…just because we didn’t have a mom and grandma and 5 aunts to cook for us, we didn’t skimp out on anything. We had…mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, parmesan pull-aparts (thanks Pinterest!), sweet potato casserole, stuffed mushrooms, green bean casserole, corn casserole, cranberry applesauce, apple pie, and pumpkin cookies…..I think that’s all. Oh yea, and wine, hard cider, and beer. πŸ™‚

So our day was full of good friends, good food, good beverages, and Apples to Apples…only the best game ever. We all talked/Skyped with our families, and missed them of course, but it makes things so much easier when you have friends to share special days with. And, Christmas break (and seeing our family!) is only a few weeks away…and Thursday was the perfect way to unwind before the craziness of Finals week.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as amazing as mine, whether you were with family or friends! Check our the pics for our Pinterest-worthy meal πŸ™‚

Our serving line!!
Another shot of the serving line….we were pretty proud of ourselves.
Our table may be made for 4, but we managed to squeeze all 6 of us around it.


– Katelyn

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