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Like most MU students, I don’t live on campus.  Nor do I live in Woodley Arms nearby.  No, I like the majority of my fellow Saints commute to our fair campus each and every day.  Some students drive, but good luck trying to find parking, especially if you’re late.  Some walk or ride their bikes…at […]

Then head on out to VA Wine country!  DC is a great city and it has a lot to offer, but sometimes it is nice to enjoy the openness of the countryside. With all the fall colors coming out take a Sunday afternoon and enjoy some of the great wine that Virginia has to offer! As of […]

Last spring, as part of an assignment for my Child Victimization class with Dr. Lindahl, I saw a documentary entitled, “Sex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth.” This is one of those films that changed the way I think forever. It documents the human trafficking trade in the United States. Yes, there is […]

Fall is here!  Classes are in full swing and we are becoming swamped with papers, presentations, and exams.  What better way to make all of these tasks more enjoyable than to work on them in a coffee shop!  What graduate student doesn’t need a dose of caffeine?!  We all know Starbucks is not the ideal […]