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The Color Run

September 14, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Since I moved to the DC area I have been saying I’m going to become a runner! DC is a very fit city, you see people running and cycling around town all the time. There are also races every weekend. So a while back my friends and I signed up for the Color Run. I had never actually ran a 5k, so I was pumped, but I was also nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it! Since this was a fun run and not timed it wasn’t as intimidating, for a non-runner like me. My boyfriend was doing it with me and he said he would stay with me the whole way which was also reassuring. 
So here are my tips for all the runner-wanna-bes out there: 
1. sign up for a fun run or something you’re very passionate about
2. get running buddy
3. do some training before race
4. celebrate at the finish line that you did it! 
5. sign up for next race! 
Well me being new to running races, I did not realize that when I signed up for The Color Run that I would have to get up at 5:30 in the morning on a Sunday… something that I surprisingly do not do often! We got up wore our gear (white shirts!), carpooled with our friends and headed over to National Harbor, which is not technically DC.. We made it over, and boy were we lucky with the weather and traffic! It was the first day that the humidity was gone and it was starting to feel like fall! We were all pumped to be doing this race! We did it and I ran almost the whole thing with a few walking breaks! The color was actually cornstarch that had been dyed all different colors. 
The best part of the run was the energy that was there! EVERYBODY was having a good time, even though we had to get up early and run a 5k it was so much fun and everybody was having a great time and feeling great! When I made the last turn and I could see the end of the race I couldn’t give up and just kept going. It was a great feeling finishing something that I had wanted to accomplish for so long! At the end of the Color Run there was a huge party and color throwing! We all had packets of color and had a great time getting colored up! There was a great dance party and it was a blast! If you have the chance, DO IT! 
See you around,

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