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Living Out of a Suitcase as a Fashion Major

Before my journey overseas, I had slowly been gathering all the clothes I could find to bring with me. Being a fashion major, this was a bit tricky. Especially since I was unable to bring all of the pieces I wanted to. As I started to pack my 26” suitcases, which has to be under 50 pounds, I began to notice this was going to be a bit of a challenge. So, I made a list. Starting with all of my favorite staple pieces, to a few of my trendy favorites. After a few days I had packed both of my suitcases to the maximum weight requirement. I thought to myself well this is perfect! I have all of my staple pieces and few more, including all of my favorite shoes. I thought I had it all figured out; I was ready to start my stylish journey. Continue reading

Life is about How You Handle Plan B

Coming from a family that does little to no planning for just about everything, this saying is something I am very familiar with. But last weekend, it really came into play. My roommates and I decided we were going to take a trip to Milan to see one of our favorite dj’s, Galantis. We sat down last Sunday and planned out the entire trip. From the hostels to the transportation, it was all booked. We were all so giddy and excited about our first trip out of Rome. We were set to head to Milan Thursday night after class.

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Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans: A Collection of Mixed Feelings

With the end of the semester so close it seems as if time is moving at twice its regular speed. All of sudden assignments are due, travel dates are approaching, finals are near and all with just under a month left in Melbourne. It is overwhelming mixture of emotions a person can feel all at once and yet I know many international students are feeling the same way.

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Making Breakfast

This week was significantly less eventful in comparison to the beginning few weeks. I mainly focused on adjusting to my new living space, new school system, and the new idea of adulting. This is not a real word; however, I do believe it defines the concept of living on your own for the first time- that first whiff of reality. All my life I have lived with my parents. There was always someone who would make dinner or do laundry—usually this wonderful person was my mother. Commuting to Marymount, there was no drastic transition from high school to university (or “uni” as Australians would say). Now along with the new cultural experience of being abroad I also must understand how to live on my own.  Within this short amount of time I have realized a few different things. Eating breakfast only takes 20% of my morning while cleaning the dishes needed to prepare the breakfast is the other 80% of the time. If I don’t pick up my clothes from the floor, they will be there until I get the energy to organize them. No longer do they magically fold themselves and end up in my closet. Most importantly, purchases add up quickly. Each small indulgence from a green tea ice cream, to a large soda with my meal, chips away at the small budget I have given myself. Continue reading

Lessons Abroad

Three weeks ago, I recall anxiously waiting for my flight to depart Newark International Airport so that my semester in Madrid could officially begin. Before leaving the States, I had the mindset of experiencing nirvana and adventure in nearly early every moment in Spain. I was beyond thrilled to learn about the Spanish culture and language, and visit some of Europe’s most remarkable sites. More importantly however, I wanted to grow personally by becoming more independent and self-assured by living on my own in a new country.   Continue reading