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How to Deal with Being Homesick

I have been studying and exploring Europe for five weeks now and something that goes hand in hand with that is beginning to feel homesick. I have learned how to deal with this feeling and ways to get through it. Continue reading

Visa: Processed and Ready to Rumble

Dobry Den!

I got an email from the Embassy of Czech Republic in Washington D.C. It highlighted that my visa is now ready. I was super excited to hear good news and I really needed it. Now I can worry less and enjoy my stay in Prague. Continue reading

Old Goodbyes and New Hellos

Goodbyes have always been hard for me, the anticipation of missing someone is unsettling and scary. But leaving for Rome was different than normal, still hard, just different. I was overwhelmed and excited, there was so much to do before I left and the goodbyes were the last thing on my mind. I didn’t have time to be sad about leaving, and honestly I didn’t want to be. “See you in December” felt weird to say when it’s still 85 and sunny, but before I knew it I was on the plane headed to Rome for 4 months. Continue reading