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Whirlwind Month

I am truly sorry I have been absent from my blog posts for a few weeks, but I am overly excited to share what I have been up to with you all! These past weeks almost feel like a blur due to my visitors as well as midterms. The week before spring break was designated completely to academics. I am taking five classes at LDM and had to be sure I was prepared for my midterms. I was completely relieved when all of my exams were over, and I had a huge treat waiting for me outside of the classroom! My mom, sister, and dear friend had landed in Florence the moment I stepped out of my last exam. Continue reading

Spring Break: Greek Edition

I have reached the time in the semester where I was filling my days with studying and organizing notes to prepare for Midterms over an entire week. Luckily, I am only in four classes so I only had to prepare for four separate exams! The unfortunate part about that is the fact that I have three of those classes within one day, so I had three exams in the course of eight hours! It was a rough day! This was different to me than from Marymount’s Midterm week due to the fact that sometimes my classes would not even have midterms! Often times, the midterm exams would consist of submitting a paper or even the exams would be short and simple. This was not the case at Lorenzo de Medici – there was a Midterm week and every class had an exam! It was quite the challenge! Continue reading