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Fall Break or the Summer of Study Abroad

Since coming to London, I have made tons of friends with whom I spend all of my time. Whether it is going to dinner, going out for drinks, or just watching movies, we are all always spending time together. They have all become some of my best friends while I have been here. Soon, though, fall break will be starting. We will all be parting ways, and going on different journeys. When I thought about fall break before coming here, I couldn’t wait! I thought it was going to be the best thing to get away from school and experience something new. Which, don’t get me wrong, I am still extremely excited for. But, it is definitely going to be weird leaving my friends’ sides. Continue reading

A Visit From Home

This past week I was lucky enough to have a visitor from home – my brother! Although my parents were unable to make it out to visit me due to work commitments, my older brother managed to make it all the way to Florence for a week long holiday! My brother, John, had planned to visit me since before I even bought my own plane ticket to Italy last semester. It was nice to have something to look forward to and to remind me of home! Having a piece of home with you while you are abroad is always a little bit comforting. During the first part of the week, he visited his friend that is stationed in Vicenza and went to an Italian Serie A soccer game with him. This first part of the week, I was still in Paris, but once I returned we made plans to visit Rome, Pisa, and Cinque Terre for the remainder of his time in Florence. Continue reading

A Tribute

A few weeks ago, I had told my boyfriend about my money troubles. With all of the traveling and unexpected costs my bank account was depleting quickly. I knew if I wanted to travel to Thailand, Sydney, Tasmania and wherever else I would need to fund most of it on my own. My parents were willing to help however it is hard to ask them for financial help when they funded most of my trip here including the program fees, flight costs, and housing. I had spoken all of my issues aloud to my boyfriend Pedro, who is one of the most caring, supportive, and loving people I have ever met. He had suggested I make a GoFundme which is a website that people use to fundraise money. However, I had this presumption that people who set these fundraisers up are likely to receive donations from family members. This was a bit complicated for me.

Continue reading