Former Global Ambassadors

Mariah Allen
Program: ISA Spanish Language, Liberal Arts, and Environmental Studies in San Jose, Costa Rica; ISA Business & Latin American Studies Courses with Locals in Lima, Peru
Global Ambassador: Summer 2018, Fall 2019

Hello! My name is Mariah Allen! I will be studying at Universidad Veritas in Costa Rica for six weeks during the summer. I am a rising Junior at Marymount University and, currently double majoring in Sociology and Economics. I am originally from Farmington hills, Michigan. This semester I traveled out of the country for the first time with the Global Classroom Series to Cuba. Ever since then I have been excited to see more of the world. This summer will be my first opportunity to travel out of the country alone.I am excited to be sharing all of my firsts with you all!

Hello! My name is Mariah Allen. I am senior studying Sociology and Economics. Originally, I am from Michigan and have found my home in Arlington, Virginia. For the past three years at Marymount I have been dedicating my studies and research to Latin American countries, so it is incredibly exciting to be spending a semester in Peru. This will be my third time studying abroad with Marymount, therefore I am excited to find out the new adventures my third and final study abroad trip will bring. In the past I have traveled to Cuba and Costa Rica, which have contributed immensely to my understanding of the world. I am looking forward to fully immersing myself in the Peruvian culture and Spanish language. I cannot wait for you all to hear about all my travel experience and I hope that my travels encourage you to study abroad too :).


Trinity Bibler
Program: TEAN Korea University in Seoul, Korea

Hello!! My name is Trinity Bibler, and I am a sophomore studying IT and Computer Science! For the Spring 2020 semester, I am studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea. I am so excited to have the opportunity to explore and experience the wonderful culture of South Korea for the next 4 months! In my free time, I enjoy drawing, eating new foods, going to the gym, and playing video games! My plans for Korea include eating SO much food, exploring the temples and mountains, attending concerts, and of course, everything E-sports! I am so excited to share my experiences with you all!


Julianna Carfaro
Program: John Cabot University in Rome, Italy; Bifrost University in Reykjavik, Iceland
Global Ambassador: Fall 2017, Summer 2018

Hey there! My name is Julianna, I am studying in Italy this fall semester. I will be attending John Cabot University located in the heart of Rome. I was born and raised in New Jersey from a traditional Italian family. Both my grandparents came to America as teenagers and worked in New York City making only pennies a day. With a lot of hard work and effort, they created amazing lives for my parents. I am beyond excited to explore the country that helped shape my amazing grandparents. I have deep roots that run through the country, from Rome to Sicily.  Although my parents won’t be happy about me missing our Sunday family dinners, they know I’ll be busy exploring our beautiful culture overseas. I am working towards a major in communication and minors in both fashion design and sustainability. I will be taking communication classes while at John Cabot. I also hope to join their sustainability club during my stay. On the weekends I hope to find myself in neighboring countries enjoying the art and culture, as well as exploring corners of Rome.

Hey everyone! My name is Julianna, and I will be attending Bifröst University in Iceland this summer. During my month abroad, I will be participating in Bifröst’s Sustainable Leadership course. Words cannot explain how excited I am to not only the experience Icelandic culture but learn about their cutting-edge sustainability efforts. As an environmental activist at heart, I know for sure this course is going to blow me away as well as open my eyes to new innovations in sustainability.  I am a Communication major here at Marymount and have a double minor in both sustainability and fashion design. I am excited to learn more about environmental sustainability throughout this course. I hope you follow me on my journey to Iceland and enjoy my weekly posts during my time abroad.


Santiago Cerquera
Program: Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
Global Ambassador: Fall 2019

Hello there! My name is Santiago Cerquera I’m a graphic design major currently studying in Florence in Italy. Most of my hobbies are video games and cooking and enjoying food from different cultures. Even then I’m not afraid to go outside and try new things!

Noemi Cerritos Gatto
Program: CEA Liberal Arts and Social Sciences in Barcelona, Spain

Hi! My name is Noemi Cerritos Gatto. I am studying in Barcelona, Spain at  CEA for the spring semester. I am a sophomore with a major in psychology and a minor in international studies. I grew up around the world with my dad’s military career, so traveling and exploring is in my blood! I enjoy reading, going to museums, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends. I am excited to go to Spain and have the experience of navigating a country by myself and becoming immersed in the culture. This will be my second time studying abroad with the Center for Global Education, but my first time writing for the blog. I am really excited to share my experiences with you and get started on all the adventures that await me!

M. Sanasa Cherif
Program: ISA History, Culture, and Politics in Prague, Czech Republic
Global Ambassador: Spring 2018

Hello, My name is Sanasa Cherif and I major in Political Science and minor in International Relations at Marymount University. I will be studying aboard for the rest of my sophomore year in Prague. I was born in New York City but my lovely hometown is Baltimore, Maryland. I love traveling and meet new people and that why I choose to study abroad. I can’t wait to explore all over Europe and learn new things!


Rachel Cohen
Program: Global Student Teaching in Auckland, New Zealand
Global Ambassador: Spring 2019

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Cohen and I am a graduate student in elementary
education. For my first student teaching placement I will be in a primary school in Auckland,
New Zealand. I will be teaching Year 3 students (the equivalent of second graders in the U.S.),
which I’m excited about because I have spent the past couple years working in a fifth grade
classroom. I chose to go to New Zealand because I love exploring new cultures. I’ve been
fortunate enough to study or teach in Morocco, Spain, and China in the past, and have learned
so much in each place. I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn in Auckland!


Stephanie Downing
Program: Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain
Global Ambassador: Spring 2017

Hi! My name is Stephanie Downing, and I’m spending my spring semester abroad at the Saint Louis University in Madrid, Spain. I am majoring in Criminal Justice at Marymount, but I’m enrolled in Liberal Arts Core classes while in Spain. I am originally from Ewa Beach, Hawaii, and enjoy stand-up paddling, hiking, and photography in my spare time.

Allison Fantz
Program: Global Experiences Internship in Dublin, Ireland
Global Ambassador:  Global Classroom 2018, Summer 2018

Hey there! My name is Allison Fantz and I’m a rising Senior here at Marymount, studying Sociology and Economics with a minor in International Studies. This summer I’ll be traveling to Dublin, Ireland for an eight-week internship with a nonprofit organization. I can’t wait to gain valuable experience and learn a lot for my future career, not to mention making the beautiful city of Dublin my home for two months! I have Irish heritage in my family, but as of right now I don’t know much about the country’s history, so I’m even more excited to explore the country and connect with my roots. In my free time I enjoy reading and writing, watching movies, trying new foods, and drinking a LOT of coffee. I also love spending time outdoors and plan to find all the nicest parks in Dublin and go on hiking excursions in the countryside. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you this summer!


Caoimhe Flanagan & Clodagh McKenna
Program: Exchange students at Marymount University
Global Ambassadors: Fall 2018

My name is Caoimhe Flanagan. I am a Junior in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland. My major is History and Media Communication. I love history and current affairs, so I have loved living by DC in the heart of US politics.

My name is Clodagh McKenna. I am a Junior in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, Ireland. My major is History and Irish. I am studying to be an Irish teacher and love all Gaelic Sports. I can’t wait to get home and get back to playing with my local team.

Sofie Gutierrez
Program: Global Classroom Series SOC 375 Topics in Human Rights in Lisbon, Portugal
BIO 127/327 Marine Biology and Tropical Ecology in Gales Point, Belize
Global Ambassador: Summer 2019

Hi! My name’s Sofie Gutierrez and I’m part of the Marymount graduating class of 2022! I, obviously, love to travel, but so far have only been able to stay mainly on this part of the world; I hope to be able to explore much more of Europe and Asia one day. I am a psychology major and sociology minor and I wish to go into nonprofit management work one day. My parents and I have lived in Oklahoma City since 2009 but I’m originally from nearby Stafford, VA. My first study abroad opportunity was the Global Classroom series to Portugal and I can’t wait to see what else studying abroad has in store for me!

Micaela Healy
Program: IAU in Aix-En-Provence, France
Global Ambassador: Summer 2018

Hey friends! My name is Micaela Healy and I will studying French in a language immersion program at the Institute for American Universities in Aix-en-Provence, France this summer. Here at Marymount I’m a Politics major with minors in French, International Studies, and Gender & Society. I’ve been studying the French language for over 7 years, now, and hope that my experience in an immersion environment will be valuable to folk like myself who love language learning and are interested in taking their education to a new level. Already something of a long distance traveler in Virginia, I was raised in Bedford, New Hampshire. Outside of class, I’m passionate about classic literature, theatre, and linguistics, and you can expect to hear about these hobbies in my blog entries as they relate to my time in France. Here’s to a wonderful summer term!

Sydney Helphenstine
Program: AIFS in London, England
Global Ambassador: Fall 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Helphenstine, and I am a junior this year at Marymount University! I am majoring in fashion merchandising, while also minoring in fashion design and business. I have the amazing opportunity to study abroad this semester in London, England. I am so excited for my new journey and to share all of my amazing experiences with you all! Here’s to an awesome semester!

Sebastian Hendi
Program: St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain
Global Ambassador: Spring 2018

Hi! I’m Sebastian Hendi and I will be studying at St. Louis University in Madrid Spain this coming spring semester. I am a nursing major at Marymount and captain of the men’s soccer team. I love travelling and experiencing new cultures and I am very excited to embark on this five month long journey in Madrid! I was born in Ottawa, Canada, and now I live in Alexandria, VA. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, working out, and spending time with friends and family.

Theo Hinson
Program: Internship with New Zealand Labour Party in Auckland, New Zealand.
Global Ambassador: Summer 2017

My name is Theophilus Hinson, but I go by Theo. I am a graduating senior, and I will be done with school this summer. I’m a political science major, and I am currently interning for the New Zealand Labour Party this summer. In my free time, I like to write short stories, poems, and other similar creative writing. I also like to play soccer, and football. My internship for the Labour Party this summer, is my first experience abroad, and I’m looking forward to new experiences and new cultures.

Maggie Laughlin
Program: Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
Global Ambassador: Spring 2018

Ciao! My name is Maggie, and I am a second year student at Marymount University studying Broadcast journalism. My home is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where I was born and raised. I have always had a passion to travel the world and meet peoples of all areas, while learning about their culture first hand. Marymount University’s study abroad program is helping to bring this dream to life by allowing me to study at Lorenzo de’ Medici in breathtaking Florence, Italy. This will be an awesome opportunity for me as well as a challenge as I step out of my comfort zone to experience things I have only read about or seen on television. Come with me….and experience a virtual journey through Europe as I blog about the sights, sounds, foods, people and landscapes along the way!

Keri Mignano
Program: Global Student Teaching in Auckland,  New Zealand

Hii everyone. My name is Keri Mignano. I will be student teaching in Auckland, New Zealand this spring semester. I am a senior at Marymount University and I am majoring in Special Education. I was born and raised in upstate New York! Marymount gave me the opportunity my sophomore year to study in Italy and since then I have not stopped traveling. I had the opportunity to present my research at a conference in Montego Bay, Jamaica. I will be presenting again in Dubai Summer of 2020! I am so excited to be able to post about my experiences and share my thoughts! I can not wait to have you along for my journey!

Melissa Morreale
Program: Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
Global Ambassador: Spring 2018

Hey everyone! My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore interior design major here at Marymount. This semester I will be studying abroad through the Lorenzo de Medici program in Florence, Italy. I was raised in central New Jersey and I come from a traditional Italian-American family. I am excited to indulge in the Italian culture that I was brought up on. As well as adventuring through Italy, I am looking forward to traveling to neighboring countries and seeing parts of the world that I never have. I have a passion for art and design which is a big part of why I am so eager to see Europe. I am so excited to be sharing my experiences along this journey with you all!

Brooke Norwood-Vanzie
Program: American Business School in Paris, France
Global Ambassador: Fall 2019

Bonjour! My name is Brooke Norwood-Vanzie. I am a senior studying Business Administration with a specialty in International Business. I aspire to be an international business consultant, investor and entrepreneur. This Fall 2019 I will be studying abroad in Paris, France at the American Business School. My passion for travel and adventure has led me to this opportunity with the help of Marymount Universities incredible Center for Global Education. This full semester abroad is helping me step out of my comfort zone and challenging me for my career ahead. When I am not traveling and exploring Washington DC I am all over campus, managing club events, volunteering or studying. I hope you will follow my journey through my vlogs here on the CGE site or through my YouTube channel: Being Elise… thank you for being apart of my journey! See you soon!!


Judy Ortega
Program: CEA Virtual Internship with San Jose, Costa Rica

Hello! My name is Judy Ortega and I am a rising senior. I am majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Pre-Physical Therapy and minoring in Spanish. During summer 2020, I will virtually intern for Ormoni System – a fitness and wellness company based in Costa Rica! Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, I am saddened that I won’t have the opportunity to fulfill the traditional internship abroad program, but I know that I will have the chance to practice my Spanish communication skills, learn more about the fitness and wellness practices in a foreign country, become more well-versed in the technological world, and ultimately network on a global scale! After this internship program, I hope to meet my supervisors in person one day and have the opportunity to workout with them! Here’s to one unique experience!


Caitlin Pacilio
Program: Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
Global Ambassador: Spring 2017

I am a third-year student from the Upstate NY area who is earning a degree in Political Science and a minor in International Studies. After participating in two Global Classrooms, one Summer abroad, and one previous Semester abroad, I will continue my studies abroad by attending University in Florence, Italy for the Spring 2017 semester. I am my happiest when traveling and experiencing new cultures and ways of life, and want to keep that travel spirit alive as much as possible. Incorporating travel within my education was probably the best decision I ever made as a Freshman in college. I would like to start my own travel blog within the next couple months and with it, seek to help those who wish to travel and see the world, make the most of their opportunities.

Jordan Pawlicki
Program: Internship with New Zealand Labour Party in Auckland, New Zealand.
Global Ambassador: Summer 2017

My name is Jordan Pawlicki and I am a rising senior at Marymount University. I am studying Political Science in anticipation to one day go to law school, and continue on to practice law. I am also a member of the men’s volleyball team at Marymount, as well as a member of the Enrollment Management team on campus. Volleyball, work, and studying most of my life leading to this point made it very difficult to travel much at all, including internationally. Before this amazing opportunity to Auckland, New Zealand to work with the Labour Party in their campaign efforts, I had never been out of the United States. I am excited to not only work in accordance with the Labour Party, but also travel and enjoy my time while expanding my cultural horizons. Kia Ora!

Olivia Pienta
Program: Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy
Global Ambassador: Fall 2017

My name is Olivia Pienta and I am a Junior Fashion Merchandising major at Marymount. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania. I will be attending Lorenzo de Medici in Florence Italy for the fall semester! I am involved with both Marymount’s Fashion Club and Portfolio in Motion. When I am not helping out in the fashion department I am either giving tours with Student Ambassadors or working in the Department of Student Affairs! This is my first time traveling outside of the United States and cannot wait to share my experience with you all!


Michaela Reardon
Program: Global Student Teaching in Auckland, New Zealand
Global Ambassador: Fall 2018

Hey everyone! I’m a graduate elementary education student doing part of my student teaching in Auckland, NZ. I chose to come here partially because its on the other side of the world and I have never been over this way. I was also drawn to the heaps of outdoor activities- the beach, the mountains, kayaking and more. The culture here has fasinated me- people are so laid back and don’t live their lives centered around building a career. They live to be with family and friends and spend time exploring the world around them. I hope you enjoy my blog posts even just a quarter of how much I’ve enjoyed writing them and being here!


Katherine Sanchez
Program: RMIT  University in Melbourne, Australia
Global Ambassador: Spring 2017

My name is Katherine Sanchez and I am a sophomore biology major here at Marymount University. I grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia and will be attending RMIT in Melbourne, Australia for my spring 2017 semester. This decision to study abroad was completely spontaneous and planned within a few short months, although I know this experience will stay with me for a lifetime. I am very passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. In the past, I have visited Peru, Venezuela, and France multiple times; despite that I never imagined going to Australia. This is definitely my biggest adventure yet and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead!


Talia Santiago & Emma Zombro
Program: Global Classroom Series SOC 375 Topics in Human Rights in Lisbon, Portugal
Global Ambassador: Spring 2019

My name is Talia Santiago and I am studying Interior Design here at Marymount. I am from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, about 45 minutes north of Philly. I had the amazing opportunity of going on a global classroom trip with Marymount in the spring of my junior year. My class studied Historic Preservation both in the states, and in Barcelona! I love to travel and the Barcelona trip was an amazing experience where I learned a lot and built some great relationships with my peers. Some of my other interests include the beach, books, charcuterie boards, and cats.

My name is Emma Zombro and I am a senior from Mechanicsville, Virginia studying interior design here at Marymount. During my junior year I had the opportunity to travel to Spain with my historic preservation class to study preservation techniques being used in historic and even ancient places. This trip opened my eyes to how interior design techniques can be applied in a new way! Aside from interior design and traveling, my other interests include reading, exploring the DC area, and cooking!

Hugh Vasquez

Program: CIEE Arts & Sciences in Tokyo, Japan
Global Ambassador: Spring 2018

Hey all, my name’s Hugh. I’m a business major at Marymount and will be spending my semester in Tokyo, Japan. When not in class, I enjoy cartooning, foreign films, and nature. This is my first time out of the country. I am looking forward to an experience overseas!


Ellen Velasco
Program: TEAN Korea University in Seoul, Korea
Global Ambassador: Fall 2018

Hello, my name is Ellen Velasco, and I am attending Korea University this fall semester. I am super excited and have spent all summer in anticipation to start school here! (I don’t think I’ve ever said that in my life). I am so excited to not only experience the culture and life in Korea, but also the college student life. As a political Science major I registered for classes that touched on more global and/or political issues; I’m looking forward to see how professors teach about political issues compared to the states. The class I’m most excited about is my Chinese law and philosophy class and my global business ethics class. In most political science classes, we try to stick with more empirical research and ideas, but Seoul’s class combines ethics with business which has gone hand to hand only recently. I hope that throughout my time here I will grow as a person and just fully embrace the culture as much as I can.